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The Stone age

The Stone age was developed in relation with the " door to door " theme of the biennale. The work is located at the entrance of a forest. A path has been open to go through this door and walk towards the wood close by. As you walk through the door the two mirrors facing each other work as a flash as they’re invisible to start with. This flash is a threshold that marks the entrance into a world that’s both real and imaginary. If the walker takes a few steps back he will see a line going through the low stonewalls (see picture). In the same way, if he opens the little door on the cube’s façade he will see inside a space that will open infinitely. The Stone age is a reflection on time, geological, human, circular, instant and relative time.
To be in the middle of this work is to experience time.

Biennale d’Art Contemporain
Itinéraire du pays de Barr et du Bernstein, 2008.
Pierre sèche et miroirs, cube 120x120x120, porte 120x620x120.